Haiti Partnership
Friday, April 20, 2018

Volunteer Information

Here are some guidelines to help you understand what it's like
to be a Volunteer in Mission (VIM) for the Haiti Partnership:

(Also check out the General Board of Global Ministries VIM website for more information.)

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Appropriate dress in Haiti is important to understand. Culottes to the knee are acceptable for casual shopping or sightseeing.   Slacks or jeans are preferred on the work site for your safety.

Dress for church simply. Hose and heels, coats and ties are not necessary. However, if a pastor is on the team and is going to participate in a service, a coat and tie, or cleric is required. No jeans for church. All pastors who wish to participate in a service need to let us know in advance.

Pictures are great, but not if they offend people and their way of life. Do not take pictures if you would not want your picture taken in the same situation. It is always best to ask. Use your discretion and always check with the team leader before taking photographs in crowded areas.

Do not promise things to Haitian people. This includes any workers or staff employed by our teams or by the Methodist Guest Houses. This fosters a hope for which you might not be able to deliver on. It also causes problems for team leaders and throws off the balance in the community. Any gifts must be given by permission and through the team leader.

Please do not make special gifts to the interpreters. This sets up competition between interpreters and puts pressure on other teams and on the Methodist Church of Haiti.

It is appropriate to bring things to Haiti for the people, but we have been instructed to bring only the items on the UMVIM needs list. However, the Church asks that they not be distributed by team members, but by the leaders of the Church. Please be sure your team leaders know of any items you plan to bring.

No smoking on the work site or in public places, please. It does not reflect well on our witness as Christians in a foreign country. There will be opportunities to smoke, but consult your team leader for the appropriate time and place.

As a VIM, you work in partnership with the Haitian people. You will have a Haitian leader and we ask that you work together. Together, you will gain new insights in servanthood - even without speaking the language.

All VIM teams must have at least (5) five and be limited to a maximum of (10) ten members. The organization of housing and transportation can be accomplished more successfully with a team of this size.

You will need a Passport that expires at least six months after your date of travel.

Required immunizations and medications:
- Anti-malaria medication.
- Tetanus
- Hepatitis A and B
- Polio
- Typhoid
If you are a medical professional and wish to work in Haiti in your profession, we will need a copy of your professional license three months prior to your being in Haiti. In addition, if your profession puts you "at risk" or exposure to other dangers, you should consult with your physician to determine what additional immunizations you should have updated.
It is your responsibility to take with you the entire amount of medication necessary to last your entire stay in Haiti. Please bring an additional two days' supply of all medication you are presently taking. In the event of a delay or an emergency this will prove helpful.
During the packing phase of your trip, remember that you are in a special place doing something special and in Christ's name. When you pack, remember to include Faith, Love, Compassion, Flexibility, Understanding and lots of Patience. Come with an open mind and listen, learn, love, and be loved.
All team members need to follow the guidelines listed above. In addition, there are other guidelines contained in the application, and general liability release forms that must be adhered to. VIM Team leaders and coordinators have the authority and responsibility to ensure that each member and the team are responsive to the items noted.
The Haiti Partnership provides free Volunteer in Mission training that is required for all VIM's traveling to Haiti. 

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PLEASE NOTE: All Volunteers in Mission
 MUST attend a mandatory training session before their scheduled trip. 
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