Haiti Partnership
Friday, April 20, 2018

School Bags

Local churches, schools, clubs, or other groups can participate in the mission of the Haiti Partnership by assembling school bags for the teams to deliver to the children of Haiti.

IMPORTANT CHANGE in our School Bag Program:

We are no longer sewing the actual tote bags in the U.S.  In November 2008, we met a Business Mentor from Michigan who introduced us to Best Quality Products, a small sewing shop in Port-au-Prince run by a very skilled man named Clerzius (see photo) who hires several women to help - and who desperately need business. 
By having these women sew all our tote bags, we can keep them in business almost year-round, producing much-needed income for their families.
Please help these women of Haiti and their families by following the instructions below.  The School Bag information sheet may be downloaded in either PDF or Word format by clicking on the appropriate link below.

School Bag Information Sheets

Word format PDF format
PLEASE NOTE: Do not send crayons or loose-leaf paper
(as listed on previous versions of the school bag information sheet).

School Bags for Haiti

Filling the School Bag

Each bag should contain the following items  
Please remove all items from packaging.
Place all items in a large ziploc bag. 
Please include $1.50 for each tote bag to pay for the labor of the women in
      Port-au-Prince who sew the bags.

1.  One pad of lined yellow or white paper, 8 1/2" by 11"
          (Only one pad now, because we are now purchasing
           composition booklets from a woman who runs her own
           street vendor business - so we are now helping a former
           earthquake refugee family - Thanks be to God!)*
2.  One pair blunt children's scissors
3.  One 12" ruler
4.  One pencil sharpener
5.  6 unsharpened pencils with erasers
6.  One 2" eraser
7.  One pack of colored pencils (10-12 per box, can remain in box)
NOTE: Children are children no matter where they live. 
They will compare contents of school bags
and will be disappointed if their supplies are different from
that of another child's. 
Please keep items simple and uniform.  Thanks!
*Donations for purchasing composition booklets in Haiti are also encouraged.
Completed bags can be delivered to the Endicott Resource Center
or you can contact one of the following Haiti Partnership members for drop-off information.
Jodi Crimmel
Barbara Gay
(570) 836-3884
Mike Willis
(607) 785-3367
Patty Kaufmann (607) 722-5047
We have also established collection sites. 
Individuals or groups may drop off FINISHED and FILLED bags
at any of the following locations:
Binghamton District (Upper New York):
Vestal UMC             607-785-3367
Endwell UMC          607-754-5735
Endicott Resource Center     607-757-0608
Oneonta District (Upper New York):
Sherburne UMC      607-674-4119
Sidney UMC            607-563-1921
Scranton-Wilkes Barre District (Susquehanna):
Honesdale UMC             570-253-3291
Hemlock Grove UMC     570-676-3226
Chinchilla UMC               570-587-2578
Central UMC, WIlkes Barre     570-822-7246
Tunkannock UMC           570-836-1229
Dorranceton UMC          570-288-1477
We began the School Bag Project in 1997
and miraculously received over 900 bags in less than two months!  
Over the past many years, we have taken an estimated 12,500 bags to 
school children in Haiti. 
Thanks for helping us continue this ministry of helping to support the
children of Haiti in their studies.